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Sardar Ziafat Hayat Khan

Founder Chairman

Capt. (Retd) Irshad Naseem



We being a nation own a glorious past, sharing diverse culture, traditions and costumes. Our forefathers strived for an independent homeland where their next generation could live within a system based on justice, democracy, peace, integrity, honour and prosperity. A person being a unit of society needs care, attention and all basic human rights, because what a person demands from a society will later deliver it back to the society. Therefore the persons whom Allah Almighty has blessed with any kind of resources has a liability to share it with the needy and poor persons of society at their level best. God has created mankind for the cause of help each other not only in their time of hardship but also make effort by joining their hands to achieve the objectives of a long lasting society based on a strong infrastructure. I and like-minded people are putting in our whole hearten efforts and all available resources for the accomplishment of outlined objectives. But still there is a lot to be done and we look forward to good people like you with a sensitive heart and a pain for human sufferings. So I appeal to you to donate generously to support us in our noble mission. By donating out of your wealth you not only earn a good name in this world; it gives you spiritual satisfaction and a reward in hereafter. Allah has blessed you with a lot of virtues in this world and He expects you to spend a part of it to help reduce the sufferings of mankind. If you cannot donate money you can donate material or you may become a volunteer and donate your time and effort, and help and guide the needy ones to reach us, and by the least you can provide us information about the impoverished to us. This will enable us to reach out to them for help. May Allah bless you all for your time, effort, material help and money that you spend in the way of Allah (SWT).


Capt. (Retd) Irshad Naseem started her career with Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS). She took Voluntary Retirement from Pakistan Army after serving in various Army hospitals and health institutions under the brilliant command of her time. She later on served in Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi as well. She gained a vast experience relating her profession by having a keen eye over the perspective of humanity service. In recognition of her excellent service, she has been awarded with honorary medals and shields. At present, she is familiar in her private social circles having a soft image of mediator and is remembered as a well human being with a pleasant personality.


cell # +923366553111
Miss. Hina is an educated young lady with a perspective of working in many welfare organizations and public based NGOs. She has a positive approach towards humanity welfare services by having an elegance glance over the root projects management at various levels. She has conducted many social workshops, meetings and seminars over the public issues. She believes in quick response and long lasting efforts for cause of humanity service.

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